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Mr Mickey Skidmore, AMHSW

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work

About me

I am a male Clinical Social Worker with nearly 35 years of post-masters experience in the field of mental health. In my psychotherapy practice, I work with adults, young people and children individually, in a group and/or family setting.

Why choose me

I often tell (potential) clients that if they embark on a treatment process with me, that this will be an experience unlike any they may have had with previous therapist. There are a few reasons for this view:
- I relish the idea of deliberately and intentionally attempting to look at he world differently than most; from what I hope to be a unique vantage point. As a result of this distinction, I hope that fresh and new perspectives result, that may enable clients to consider change in ways they have not before.
- I am a Mental Health Accredited Social Worker and as such my approach to therapy is built on your family systems, I seek to understand the individual within broader social context and environment in which they live and function. Such an orientation further supports the premise of my looking at the world through a different lens.
- I was educated and trained in the United States, where I practiced for more than 25 years before coming to Australia. I incorporate the above knowledge and experience together with my Australian training, accreditation and experience into my own unique therapy approach.
- I was trained as an Advanced Generalist. In concert with my extensive experience, I believe I am qualified to identify, understand and address a wide variety of complex mental health afflictions and issues. I have found it enriching in addressing a wider range of challenges in working with individuals and families.
- It is evident that most of clients, upon attending initial consultation, also choose to engage into a series of psychotherapy treatments with me.

Therapy approaches/modalities used in my work

While I am familiar with numerous therapeutic models (including psychodynamic and CBT), I have a long-standing interest in Ericksonian Approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy which is closely aligned with brief, solution-focused and strategic paradigms. I am also strongly influenced by developmental and system’s theory that are broad enough to incorporate multiple therapeutic approaches in most treatment interventions. I hold the view that establishing a client centered approach/alliance is imperative before any approach or method can be initiated or established.

I strive to place great emphasis on respect, flexibility, appreciation and careful recognition of each person’s uniqueness over any preconceived approach or method of therapy.

My credentials

I completed my Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) with concentration areas of Individual & Group Work at East Carolina University in 1984. Following on this, I completed my Masters of Social Work (MSW) with concentration areas of Health/Mental health (1986), also at East Carolina University. In 2017, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution from the Mediator Training Academy & ICES (Australia).

In 2013, I became an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers and in 2016, a member of the Australian College of Social Worker (Clinical Division). Currently, besides my work in a private practice with Exclusive Wellbeing, I am also a casual academic at Western Sydney University.

Professional Association

I am an accredited mental health treatment provider with Medicare, as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMSHW).

Currently the Teacher’s Health Fund appears to be only private health fund recognizing AMHSW as approved providers.

Areas of my specific interests

As indicated previously, I have a longstanding interest in Ericksonian Approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy (over 25 years). I embrace being an Advanced Generalist, with the experience to address a wide variety of complex mental health afflictions and issues.

I also have a long-standing interest in providing clinical supervision to mental health professionals. If anything, my professional interest rests in specializing with the therapy and supervision process itself in this regard.

My therapy philosophy is one of goal direction, health discovery, self-empowerment, and concentrates on factors of the entire eco-system. Moreover, this philosophy tends to emphasize and approach that is generally future-oriented, dealing with current, situational, and developmental problems (while recognizing that it is sometime useful to hold other frames of reference).

My approach to therapy emphasizes a choosing to notice certain (behavioral or structural) patterns without necessarily establishing diagnosis and pathology. I believe therapeutic change results from helping clients to re-organise and/or re-associate their natural abilities and experiences so that these resources become available in new ways.

My ideal client is one who genuinely seeks self-empowerment as part of their journey of health and enhancement.


I provide General Private services and services authorized under Medicare (with corresponding rebates).

Family and marital counselling is currently not Medicare rebated.


Our friendly admin team at Exclusive Wellbeing Parramatta will be able to answer most of your questions. However, if you wish to contact me prior to booking your appointment, please feel free to email me directly at mickey@exclusivewellbeing.com.au . Please note that I aim to respond to emails within 24-48 hours as a rule. Our admin team may however be able to provide you with answers more quickly if you contact them first at (02) 8677 4062.

My current availabilities at Exclusive Wellbeing in Parramatta for bookings are Monday evenings,Tuesday evenings, Wednesdays (both day and evening hours), Thursday evenings and Saturdays (day hours).