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Relationships can be difficult to navigate, both between partners and families. People decide to attend counselling for a variety of reasons, none of which are necessarily ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Therapy is not about attributing blame, but rather, establishing individual and communal responsibilities in relationships.

Counselling can help a couples and families to:
  • understand their relationships
  • rediscover why they were attracted in the first place
  • discover what they want, need and expect from each other
  • understand their contributions to the current state of their relationship
  • discuss what they feel about each other now; or
  • decide what they are willing to do to make this relationship work.
Counselling programs may also assist people who are separating and/or divorcing. Separation is a time where it is important to deal with grief and anger, as well as learning to let go, so that they can move on with a new sense of purpose and optimism. This includes looking at:
  • how relationships change
  • how to endure and manage grief
  • the real value of anger
  • what acceptance is and what it enables us to attain it
  • discovering a pathway for the separation
  • learning to be "single"
  • becoming able to face the prospect of a new and sustaining relationship.