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Mediation Services

Family Dispute Resolution is a form of mediation. To be able to work with families and conduct Family Dispute Resolution the practitioner requires qualifications in not just Mediation but also in Family Dispute Resolution. It is a speciality area that requires knowledge in domestic and family violence, the Family Law Act, relationship power dynamics, the impact of conflict on children and how to conduct mediation with a child focus. There are also certain legal obligations that a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner must adhere to. A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner is required to be accredited with the Attorney Generals Department and meet their qualification standards.

Mickey is now offering the following Mediations services at Exclusive Wellbeing:

  • Family Dispute Mediation (FDR) [Problem-Solving / Facilitative Model] (s60I Certificates)
  • Child-Inclusive Practice (CIP) [Therapeutic Child Specialist Consult Services]
For additional information and details about these services, please click on the following link: FDRP-EW