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Exclusive Wellbeing
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About Us

Exclusive Wellbeing has been established to provide people with a range of wellbeing services to improve overall balance and life revitalization. Our mission is to help people reach their full potential by providing quality healthcare in a supportive environment. The service strives to work with each person individually within all external and internal facets of their lives to promote improved global wellbeing. As the company continues in development and growth, it targets to meet all areas of self-improvement within the same centre. The present services are provided by highly trained Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists and Accredited Mental Health Social Workers. Referrals for other practitioners will be outsourced.

Our signature flower: The Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus

The Lotus is a symbol of purity and enlightenment in the Buddhist culture, and different colours are known to symbolize different aspects of spirituality

The blue lotus was chosen because it represents many of the qualities we aspire to in our work at the clinic. This flower is often used as a representation of wisdom and common sense. It symbolises knowledge, learning and intelligence. The blue lotus flower is never fully opened and its centre is not seen. This represents the continual need to gain wisdom, learn and expand the mind in order to reach enlightenment.

In Buddhism, the Blue Lotus is the symbol of the victory of the spirit over the self, the senses, of intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. The partially opened bud, is considered the embodiment of the ‘perfection of wisdom’ and the balanced state between ‘enlightenment’ and ‘closed mindedness’.